Graphtec FC4500 Series Flatbed Cutting Plotter



The FC4500 Series are intermediate-format, professional flatbed cutting plotters capable of processing a wide variety of materials with accuracy — compliant to most industry requirements for pattern making. The series includes two table top models, the FC4500-50 and the FC4510-60. An optional stand (shown) is available for the FC4510-60.

With a maximum cutting force of 600g, this flatbed series is the most economical solution for cutting thick, hard materials that cannot be fed through a roll-feed/friction-feed cutting plotter.

With Graphtec’s ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System), contour cutting and creasing around pre-printed rigid cardstock and other media is a simple workflow.

Both models are equipped with two Tool Holders for cutting, creasing and plotting. For graphic design and packaging mockups, the FC4510-60 has the dual Tool Holder which can hold a cutting blade and creasing tool — to produce creases/folds and cuts on the same run.

With their capability to hold both a cutting blade and a plotting pen simultaneously, the FC4500 Series allows garment and shoe pattern designers to mark and cut the material without manually replacing the marking and cutting tools.

Tech Specs

Max. media width19.6” (500 mm) Y-axis direction26.2” (666 mm) Y-axis direction
Max. cutting area23.2” x 19.9” (590 x 430 mm)33.8” x 23.6” (860 x 600 mm)
Max. cutting speed30”/s (750 mm/s) in 23 steps
Max. cutting thicknessElectrostatic Adhesion and Adhesive SheetAdhesive Mat and Adhesive Sheet
InterfaceUSB 2.0 High-speed / Serial RS-232C
Equipment dimensions33.7” x 30.7” x 7.9”
(856 x 780 x 200 mm)
46.1” x 37.9” x 7.9”
(1170 x 962 x 200 mm)
Package weight42 lb (19 kg)60 lb (27 kg)

Additional Information


FC4500-50, FC4500-60


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