Epson DX5

epson dx5


The Epson DX5 solvent printhead is used by various Chinese and Japanese solvent printers. This DX5 printhead allows fast speed, high resolution printing with eco-solvent or mild solvent inks. The Epson DX5 original printhead is delivered in a sealed Epson package.

This first generation Epson DX5 printhead model is compatible with all Epson DX5 based Chinese and Japanese printers and it doesn’t require any decoder. This is the original Epson DX5 printhead, it is not modified. Newer Epson DX5 printhead models are available on the market but they are limited to certain printer models and require a special decoder.

Tech Specs

Epson DX4
Active nozzles1440 (8 lines x 180 nozzles)
Print width
Native resolution
Max. resolution1440 dpi
Printhead weight (dry)
Fluid typeEco-solvent and mild solvent
Drop volume1.5 – 21  pl
Typical firing frequency8 kHz
Dimensions (WxDxH) –

Additional Information

Drop Volume

35 picoliters, 50 picoliters


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