Bulk Ink System for Roland Printers

roland bulk ink system

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Easy! Effective! Economical for your ink supply! Roland Bulk Ink System.
  • Minimizing printing costs
  • Improving printing quality
  • Substantially increasing productivity
  • Reducing environmentally harmful waste
  • Reducing dependency on OEM Cartridges
  • Print a great amount of graphics without changing inks



A built-in floater inside cartridges can control an extremely slightly amount of inks.

Floater Level Adjuster

A high level of inks provide high pressure and a low ink level reduce pressures
to a printhead.

Locker Valve

A locker valve can turn on and off ink supply to cartridges (Horizontal position means OFF and vertical position means ON).


  • IJ BULK RLD 4S: Bulk System for Roland • 4C • Single Without Chip • 4 Cartridges
  • IJ BULK RLD 4D: Bulk System for Roland • 4C • Double Without Chip • 8 Cartridges
  • IJ BULK RLD 6S: Bulk System for Roland • 6C • Single Without Chip • 6 Cartridges
  • IJ BULK RLD 6D: Bulk System for Roland • 6C • Double Without Chip • 12 Cartridges

Additional Information

Number of Colors

4 (CMYK), 6 (CMYKLcLM)

Number of Cartridges

12, 4, 6, 8


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