SID XL 1390, Laser Engraver


SID XL 1390 your best choice for entry level laser engraving


The U.S. manufactured sensors and precision SID XL 1390 Laser Engraver head ensure the precise engraving and cutting of the finest details, such as circles only 2mm in diameter. The laser tube and power source undergo rigorous 5 step testing to guarantee optimal beam quality and power reliability.

SID XL 1390 Laser Engraver is ideal for sign-makers, the production of engraved and POP displays, award plaques, architectural signage and promotional items can help expand your business. Additional applications encompass fabric cutting, shoemaking, furniture, packaging, molding and monument engraving. By producing acrylic, MDF, plywood, rubber and even cardboard jobs, the SID XL Laser Engraver will attract new customers and bolster your bottom line!

Tech Specs

SID XL 1390
Laser Tube Power100 W
Cutting Area51″ x 35″: (1,300 x 900mm)
Engraving SpeedUp to 23″/s (600mm/s)
Min. Engraving SizeLetter: 0.04″ (1mm)
Max. Cutting SpeedUp to 16″/s (400mm/s)
Max. Cutting ThicnessAcrylic – 0.59” (15 mm), MDF – ½ “ (12 mm), PS – 3/16” (5 mm)
Cooling systemWater cooling system
Motor TypeStep motor featuring high speed, high precision and great stability for X and Y axis movement
Equipment dimensions78” x 42” x 54” (2,000 x 1,080 x 1,390 mm)
Package dimensions86” x 51” x 72” (2,200 x 1,300 x 1,850 mm)
Equipment weightNet: 992 lb (450 kg) Gross: 1,102 lb (500kg)

Additional Information


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